body, mind and soul 
for individuals and teams

Mindfulness & Healing Touch
Body Balancing & Mental Coaching
Team Performance & Workshops

As every person is different and has specific needs:

I will start with listening.
I first want to understand your current situation.

Then we will find out, what we can do,
to improve your current situation by choosing the best balancing-method for you.

What are your benefits?

Inner Balance
Reaching goals
Reflecting strengths
Letting Go


For individuals

* Learn to meditate (Breathing, Walking, Body Awareness, Guided Meditation)

* Balancing chakras (Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki, ASMR Massage, Healing Touch, Incense)

* Nature Elements Massages – Sound Therapy & Shamanic Rituals & Huna Wisdom 

* Bach flowers & mental training with card mantras

* Body based kinesiological exercises

* Empathic Coaching to find your inner truth and define goals in life

* Long-term Coaching & Single Sessions 

For teams and organizations

* Learn to meditate as a team (Breathing, Walking, Guided Meditation)

* Resolve conflicts by focusing on common, positive team potential

* Introducing ethic and fair, more profitable business laws

* Defining meeting culture with mindfulness for teams

* Strength based development for leaders

* Leadership coaching with mindfulness for anger & stress management

* Weekly or monthly mindfulness sessions with team (3-20 people) for 1 hour

* Individual coaching of employees

Workshops and guest speaker

15 minute speed talk and introduction on benefits of mindfulness for teams and individuals.

Focused conference talk or presentation about mindful business and meditation for teams for 1-3 hours.

Teambuilding workshops – (possible duration 1-3 days) at chosen location from organization or by shininess for 7-15 people.


Why shininess?

Besides my academic and business career I discovered many techniques that help to develop ones full potential.

I love to share what I learned from inspiring teachers, friends and colleagues all over the world.

Our mind is a powerful tool, but only if it works in accordance with our heart, we achieve our goals easily and with happiness.

Eva Maria Michelcic, MM.Sc.

I hear, I feel, I understand, I see - you







Stifterstrasse 17
4320 Perg, Austria


You think I´m too far away?

For coaching of individuals I offer my service also via Skype, if the traveling distance is too long.

I am also happy about invitations as a guest speaker or for team workshops world-wide. Just e-mail me for further questions.


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